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Reborn Textiles Used Wholesale Clothing direct from factory

Wholesale budget second hand clothes at knockout low prices. Great value recycled sustainable used garments, all re-wearable, folded and ready to resell.

 West Midlands largest vintage, modern, new and used clothes store
8000 square foot over two floors packed with over 50,000 kilos of product per week
Worth the weight factory shop Dennis road Birmingham B12 8BA 
 Part of the Top Textiles Midland Limited group of companies
Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm every day

When you shop per kilo the conventional pricing rules don’t apply; you don’t pay more for something because it is a known brand or because the design is trendy right now. You will pay less for a premium quality with clothing priced from £12 per kilo and individual items costing as little as £1.00 it is the perfect place to find unique items for your wardrobe at bargain prices that you can’t find anywhere else.  Stock is replenished every day, so our rails will always be full no matter what time you arrive. There are changing rooms on site .Since 2012 we have been selling and were the first company to sell clothes in kilos online and in store, with are first shop opening in Kings Heath High street Birmingham in 2012, expanding to Spark Hill Birmingham and Mosely where our factory is shop is based. Customer's can sort through about 60 rails of fantastic vintage and modern stock.  We have around 50 tonnes of stock at our shop in Dennis Road Birmingham, covering a broad range of categories. Our clothes rails are sectioned into several categories - Denim, Sports wear, Women's wear, Men's wear , Children, Summer wear, Winter wear, Out wear, Shoes and Accessories, Handbags, toys, electrical, New top brand like, Top Shop, River Island, Next, New look, Primark, Boohoo, Superdry, Matalan, George, Marks and Spencer, Revolution, Avon, Dr martin, Nike, Adidas, are always coming into us by the container loads and we sell job lots of branded clothes by the pallets and the container.  Once you've found what you like it's time to 'Weigh & Pay' at one of our 'Weigh points where our staff will help you check out. Customers can also have there products baled in 10 25 and 55 kilo cubes ready for export, We take cash or card, : Visa, Master card, American Express , Apple pay, Goggle pay, Bank Transfer.  We serve the community. open 6 days a week from 9- 5.30pm

Worth the weight Dennis Road B128BA

Shopping at Worth the weight is good for the environment, good for your pocket and good for the community

We recycle goods from major companies helping them achieve their environmental social responsibility policies. As a result we offer clothing, textiles, footwear, accessories, house wares, gifts and on occasion furniture, books, electrical items, toys and much more in our store at Dennis road Moseley Birmingham. Big selections of new brand clothing all top brands at 70% less than high street. Call now 0121 786 2154 or 07500 649032

Great for the planet

Shopping preworn over new reduces your carbon foot print and helps fight against climate change

Something for everyone

Preworn fashion clothing makes it affordable for everyone and helps thousands of people save money 

Great for Charities

Every year we contribute around £200,00 to charities helping many causes around the world

Jeans modern & Vintage

Rails of branded jeans 


Hoodies now on the rails 

Rails of vintage clothing 

1000s of vintage items in stock 

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Weight  & Pay 

New & used branded clothing

Weight  & Pay

Vintage clothing


Grade A clothing means : Clean checked clothes no holes, rips, or stains, all buttons and zips checked. Medium to heavy use.
Grade AA clothing means : Clean checked clothes no holes, rips, or stains, all buttons and zips checked. Light use and color's more vibrant
Top Class clothing means : Original clothing with tags and without tags but not worn so new
 Vintage clothing means :  All old styles of clothing. A generally accepted industry standard is that items made between 30 years ago and 60 years ago are considered "vintage" True Vintage carriers our special tag
Check out what's on the scales today both in store and online

Vintage clothing
By item or by kilo 

Vintage clothing

 Do you love vintage clothes? Are you the kind of person who will scour every shop for that one designer coat? We’re making it easy for you then. In our clothing shop you'll find a variety of brands with vintage or secondhand clothing all in one place. With a special focus on retro and vintage clothing, our shop is the destination for secondhand shoppers. We have a large selection of exclusive men’s and women’s clothing from celebrated fashion brands and designers, with the likes of Top shop, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, River Island.  Worth the weight vintage offers renewed and re-designed second-hand clothes. Here you will find clothes from popular fashion brands that have been given a new lease of life and you will find unknown brands though out the shop. Put another way: Worth the weight Vintage you will find unique fashionable clothing you won’t see anywhere else. The shop is 4000 square feet over two floors and you can easily spend a lot of time here searching through the rails for the hidden treasures. Located in Moseley Birmingham, we were one off the first vintage shops in Birmingham opening in Kings Heath in 2012, Spark hill in 2014, and now in our factory shop in Moseley . Here you will find old records, vintage toys, Vintage telephones, signs, pictures and of course some unique vintage clothing. In the shop, you can find vintage clothes from the ’50s/60’s/70’/’80’s and the ’90s, so if you want to take a trip down memory lane or just explore the history of fashion this place is definitely a good place to start! We have events every day of the week at the store so come along grab a bag and start rummaging though the rails

Our online shop sell in 10 or 20 kilo bags 

We offer on site baling of ten kilo bags ready to ship should you wish to compress your packages. Our on line shop offers many products like Men shirts, Men suits, Men T shirts, men work wear, Men coats, Men jumpers, joggers, hoodies, Sportwear, Dresses, ladies tops, ladies leggings, bra and pants, sportwear, coats, jumpers, ladies jackets,  Bedding, curtains, shoes, handbags.

Check out the quality 

Try it on  in our changing rooms

,Brand new trainers Nike, Adidas

We stock many high street brand

Branded trainers from £10 per pair

Shoes & Trainers from £10 per pair

We supply brand new shoes & trainers 

Just a few of the products in our store

Vintage & Modern clothing in bales 55kg

Vintage clothing

 Vintage clothing. Where to start What was once a fairly niche way to buy clothes at least in a fashion sense is now a huge and multi-national industry that has redefined how many of us look at clothing.  Shopping vintage provides an opportunity to find rare, unique, and high-quality garments, as well as offering a more sustainable way to buy clothing at affordable prices. If you’ve been shopping vintage for a while, you will have undoubtedly picked up a few gems that have got you hooked. If you haven’t you may not have been looking in the right places, or in the right ways. If you’re looking to start thrifting or vintage shopping regularly, we’ve put together this primer on the fundamentals of vintage clothing. Call and shop at our store in Dennis Road Birmingham where you find hundreds of Vintage garments at kilo prices