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Every day events at Dennis road Birmingham
from 10am -5pm

Events and trade shows every day this year 2023   

 Dennis Road Birmingham B12 8BA & Kits Green Road Birmingham B33 9SA

Bargains by the weight, Clothing, shoes, handbags, Electrical, new clothing
Christmas candles, gifts, wrapping papers and lots more 


Worth The Weight events and trade shows every Saturday this year at our shop in Dennis Road. Pick your way through thousands of items on our rails at prices you wont find anywhere else. Bargains Like : Brand new Top Shop leather jackets just £15.00 Superdry clothing from £10.00, New Boohoo dresses from £6.00. M&S men socks 6 pack just £5.00 and lots lots more

Find thousands of Grade A quality vintage and modern items on sale and snap them up for just £12 per kilo! Pick and mix men's and women's vintage clothing from the 1960s onwards, including many branded and designer items, as well as a range of accessories - items start as low as £1.00

Our store is open six days a week for general public and local community from 9am to 5pm
Our Goals are to save you money . 
To maintain the highest quality standards for our products, 
 To provide the best customer service possible ,
To promote an inclusive workplace and help the community ,
Promote sustainable fashion, positively impact environment