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Baling Press We can produce 100 bales per day at 55 kilo compressed

55 kilo baling press at Top Textiles

Fully automatic baling press at Top Textiles 

Baling press and stock 

Baling 55 kilo compressed units

Graded into category's and pressed in bales. We can produce over 100 bales per day off one press  

Stock in warehouse 3 dennis rd

We keep in stock in excess of 1000 bales at any one time at our Dennis road site in Birmingham 

Loading containers 

At Dennis road we can load containers direct. We have all the facilities there and takes only a few hours to load a 40 foot container  

Packing Service 

10 kilo bagging press 

We produce 10 and 20 kilo compressed bags of clothes ready for shipment. Customers can have these bales pressed while they wait.  We supply the following products. Men shirts, Men T shirts, Men jeans, Men smart trousers, Men suits, Men hoodies, Men joggers, Men jumpers, Men sport wear. 
Ladies dresses, ladies tops, ladies, T shirts, Bras and pants, joggers, Ladies jeans, Ladies jumpers, Ladies coats, Ladies PJs, 
Children mixed boys and girls age 0 -6 years, Kids age 6-12 years, Kids winter bags, Kids shoes,